Comparing VS Which Site Gives You the Best Chance to Find TRUE Love?

The toughest decision we had to make was choosing our #1 dating site. It was clear that and were the Top 2. We settled on after giving it great thought. We weighed the pros and cons and came to the conclusion that was a slightly better dating site than Don’t let that comment prevent you from reading this Blog post. Just because we ranked ahead of doesn’t mean you should avoid eHarmony. It’s possible you’ll have more success on eHarmony vs.

We’ve written many Blog posts and advice articles on this site for you. But none of that is more important than what you’re about to read here. We truly believe that Internet dating begins and ends with and Yes, there are a few other dating sites worth signing up for, but no sites have done a better job of matching two future love birds together quite like these two sites. Grading the Women

We could go on and on about how easy it is to meet someone on either of these sites. But that doesn’t really matter if the women aren’t suitable mates. So I’ve sized up the women on both sites based on the character traits most men look for in a woman…

  • Appearance (height, weight, smile, eyes, booty, breasts, style)
  • Intelligence (education, occupation, spelling, grammar)
  • Sense of humor (ability to tell jokes in profile, text/IM messages)
  • Drama-free (crazy ex-boyfriends, crazy baby daddy’s, etc.)
  • Attitude (down to earth, open minded, outgoing, positive)

Appearance: Looks are subjective. There are likely many women we find attractive that you wouldn’t and probably some that we don’t that you would. What we looked for most was women with good hygiene, nice hair, pretty smiles, bodies that weren’t overweight, well dressed women, and, yes, if there were pictures showing their boobs and/or booty’s, we took note!

Comparing VS Commercials

You can make up your mind yourself, but I thought I’d post the two latest commercials form each site discussed in this post.

On every dating site, you will have some very attractive women and some not-so attractive women. One thing is certain, and have a wide range of women in terms of looks. Edge: There were a higher percentage of women that we considered to be attractive. More than 60% of the women on were attractive. Less than 60% on were (57% to be exact).

Intelligence: Many guys refuse to date a woman that is not highly intelligent. Once again, this is a subjective category. Intelligence is a matter of perspective. If you’re a Mensa, chances are it’s going to be hard for you to find a woman that you consider intelligent. If you’re a total dumbass, you probably think Paris Hilton is intelligent. So how did we rate a woman’s intelligence level?

We took at look through many profiles. We docked them imaginary point for every misspelled word, improper use of grammar, or just plain ridiculous comment. We gave bonus points if she has received a College degree. We gave extra bonus points if that degree was in anything other than Underwater Basket Weaving. Occupation was another factor, but it wasn’t weighted quite so heavily because we realize that just because someone flips burgers for a living, that doesn’t mean she’s a complete moron. But we did give brownie points to women that had smart people occupations such as lawyers, teachers, Strippers (just kidding), etc.

Edge: Even. This was the toughest category to decide a winner on because both sites appeared to have many highly intelligent women. Sure, there were a few morons mixed in there, but on the whole, and apparently attract smart people. We found far fewer misspelled words and improper grammar on profiles on these sites than most.

Online dating

Online dating on eHarmony VS Which is better?

Sense of humor: How many good female comedians do you know? Off the top of my head, I can think of maybe 1 (Wanda Sykes?). Not to seem like a sexist, but male comedians are far better than female comedians because men are funnier. But that doesn’t mean a woman can’t make me laugh from time to time. It’s just usually one of those “ha ha” laughs and not one of those “holy crap, I’m about to pee my pants” laughs.

We rated a woman’s sense of humor based on if the comments she made in her profile made us chuckle and if she was able to tell the occasional semi-humorous joke when we chatted with her via IM/text. Edge: Even. We found what we expected to find from women on both of these sites in terms of ability to humor us. They’re women. Some were somewhat funny, some weren’t. What we really liked about the women was they were very receptive to OUR sense of humor.

Drama-free: Nothing says “shoot me in the face” quite like dating a Drama Queen. Some women are complete nutjobs. Not that men don’t have drama too, but I’m not about to criticize my own gender! It doesn’t matter where you go to meet women, you’re always going to come across the occasional baby daddy drama or total attention whore. Stay away from these types of women!

Very attractive women

Very attractive people are both sites: &

We mostly looked for specific comments in her profile that led us to believe she’s a nutjob. Comments such as “I’m tired of dating men that don’t pay child support” or “if you even try to touch my ass on a first date, I will pepper spray you” are obvious signs of a Drama Queen. Edge: For whatever reason, we found quite a few more Drama Queen’s on Perhaps eHarmony was running a discounted membership special for women that have baby daddy issues?

Attitude: A woman with a bad attitude is a woman that will make your life miserable. Bad attitudes are easy to spot. You just have to look for profiles that are very negative. If she claims her life sucks, her job sucks, her boss sucks, her parents suck, and she won’t suck because it’s disgusting, you’ve found yourself a Debbie Downer. Spending time with her will turn you into a negative person as well. Misery loves company, right?

Since it’s very easy to spot a woman with a ‘tude straight from her profile, we didn’t have to chat with them first for this category. Edge: Even. Online dating brings out the best AND worst in people. Some women are so fed up with online dating and/or men that they just can’t refrain from writing a hate-filled profile. Fortunately, the majority of women on both of these sites appear to be quite positive. is a better dating site than, and here’s why…

One of my biggest weaknesses is a lack of patience. So when I’m looking to meet a woman online, I want to meet someone almost instantly. I don’t want to trade emails and text messages back and forth. I want to sign-up, create my profile, start searching for women, email the women I’m interested in, and once they respond…ask her out on a date. Do I lose out on meeting more women because of my impatience? Most likely. But that’s the way I do things.

What does my lack of impatience have to do with this site comparison? is the type of site that is perfect for someone like myself. I want to meet someone right away and I want her to be a decent woman. And I don’t think I’m asking for too much. On multiple occasions, I’ve met women within a couple of days on Great women, by the way. On, I’ve never been able to meet anyone right away. I’ve always had to wait a while. It’s more of a long-term dating site, which is fine for most people.

So then what’s the point of signing up for

This is a very good question. From what I’ve written so far in this post, you’re probably of the assumption that I think is a crappy dating site. That’s not the case at all. IS a very good dating site. It’s a great place to meet quality women. But when you stack it up against, it doesn’t seem all that great.

Expressing her need for sex

It’s definitely possible to find passionate relationships on both sites!

There definitely are many reasons to sign-up for is a great place to meet someone in a short period of time. That’s all fine and dandy, but let’s say your first couple of dates from don’t go so well. Let’s say one of the gals turns out to be a psycho that threatens to pepper spray you and the other one ditches you midway through the date. Where does this leave you? Heading back to to go back through the profiles and try to set-up more dates. Or, instead of doing that, you could sign-up for at the same time and have women in your pipeline available in the event that things don’t work out with your dates. vs. My Final Analysis

It’s very hard for me to compare these sites because they’re two of the best places – online or offline – to meet women. The majority of the women on these sites are looking for a long-term relationship. For those of you hoping to hookup on a first date or early on in a relationship, I have some good news for you. Just because a woman isn’t openly expressing her need for sex and claims to want ONLY a relationship, it doesn’t mean she won’t put out.

The best advice I can give you is to sign-up for both sites. You’ll have enough women in your pipeline to set-up many dates. You will be able to almost pick and choose who you want to go out with because you’ll have so many options. And in the world of dating, having options is good. It makes it more likely you’ll end up with the one that’s right for you. wins the overall “Best Dating Site” award, but is also a dating site you should strongly consider.