Sexting Tips for Men: How to Do it Properly

Sexting is the best way to get a girl to open up to you sexually. However, if done incorrectly and at the wrong time, she may end up ignoring you. Proper sexting can work in your advantage in two ways. First off, you can show off your expertise in the bedroom. If she likes what you say, she’ll start fantasizing about having sex with you. The other advantage of sexting is it can actually lead to sex. Women like to act out their fantasies. Of course, none of this matters if you don’t follow these sexting tips…

Timing is Crucial

You sent each other a few emails and then she gave you her digits. This isn’t an invitation to send her a “I’m so horny for you” text message. Get to know a girl for a while before sexting her. The first conversation you have with her should be about things such as your job, life goals, and what you look for in a woman and relationship.

Sexting Tips for Men

Sexting Tips for Men

After you’ve chatted with her for a while and possibly even gone on a date or two, it’s very important to start sexting. You can’t chat and hangout for too long before bringing sex into a discussion or you’ll get put into the ever-dangerous “Friend Zone”. Once you’re in the friend zone, you’re never getting out of it. Don’t be afraid to start talking sex with her after you’ve gotten to know her. Even the shyest women have a naughty side to them. Sex is an important part of EVERY relationship. Unless she’s a prude (and who is these days?), she wants to get laid.

Getting the OK to Sext a Girl Isn’t an Invitation to Bring Out Your Disgusting Pervert Side

I know what you’re thinking every time you see a hot girl – you’d love to shoot a load all over her face, into her vagina, or down her throat. We all do. We’re men. We’re disgusting pigs. And you know what? Most women actually think it’s hot when we do those things. They love taking in our “loads”. It makes them feel good to know they pleasured us.

 Sex is an important part  relationship

Sex is an important part relationship

Despite everything I just said, telling a girl you want to cum all over her face while fingering her asshole will just make her roll her eyes. Women want to do all sorts of dirty things with a man that is classy and mature. Sure, she’s thinking about how much she wants to take a load in from you, but she’d rather you sext her in a less perverted, more mature manner.

Making a Smooth Transition to Sexting

Let’s say you’re chatting with her about your favorite football team (Cowboys). She asks you if you ever go to any games. You respond by saying that you do go to games and “it’s a tradition to have anal sex before the game”. This is not smooth. This would irritate her. You have to transition to sexting at the right time. Do it smoothly. Don’t just randomly blurt out a comment about sex. If she’s clearly showing interest in you, pick your spot and go for it.

Sex before the game

Sex before the game