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On September 6, 2012
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Our #6 Favorite Site. is similar to - we had more luck on eHarmony, but this is still a great website.

If you’ve ever signed up for, you’re familiar with the Free Personality Test. It’s a bit long and time consuming, but mostly accurate. We found that our matches were mostly women we had a lot in common with. That’s very important when trying to establish a long-term relationship with someone. We’ll explain more about the Personality Test in this review and give you our opinions on what we think of it and how they can improve it. Review CTA Pic

A #6 ranking is high praise for The truth is the difference between (#6) and (#1) really isn’t all that much. There’s a greater difference between the #7 site ( and than there is the #1 and #6 sites. We chatted with some very cool women on They had every quality we look for in a woman – good looks, sense of humor, respectable career, and positive attitudes. We didn’t deal with many women that had crazy ex-boyfriend drama like we did on some other sites. And, best of all, the majority of women were serious about meeting a guy online.

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Our #6 Pick For The Best Online Dating Site: Review Of Our Results

In case this is the first review of ours that you’ve read, we’ll lay out the process for you. 5 guys residing in 5 different cities throughout the United States created a profile on We acted like normal members, looking to meet that special someone. We used our charm and online dating expertise to contact and communicate with women and set-up as many dates as possible.

Over the span of 12 weeks, we each sent out an introduction email to 1 woman on per day. That’s 450 emails combined. Of those 450 emails, 291 were responded to. That far exceeded our 50% goal. But that really isn’t the statistic we looked for most. The number of dates set-up was most important. On, we were able to set-up an impressive 12 dates. That’s 12 more than we set-up on more than half of the sites reviewed!

The Top First Emails That Worked

The very first email you send to a woman will make or break your chances with her. A perfectly crafted email will have her begging to chat with you. A poorly written one will have her wishing she could club you upside the head. It’s all about personalizing the message, being creative, and showing her you’re an intelligent guy (so no misspelled words and improper grammar). The 2 most successful emails we used on are listed below…

Email #1 – “I swear I’m not a employee, but I have proof that the Personality Test works like a charm – we were matched together! From reading your profile, I think we’ll become the un-famous Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Well, except maybe we won’t get divorced. Let’s see here, you love basketball. I’ve played basketball my whole life. You love outdoor activities. I live outdoors. Okay, I don’t “live” outdoors, I actually own a home…with a roof. But you get my point. How’s about you check out my profile and once you’ve come to the same conclusion that we’re a perfect match, hit me up on IM? Talk soon! ”

Email #2 – “I’m going to keep this short and sweet. When a man sees a pretty woman he becomes weak in the knees. When a man sees a pretty woman with an attractive personality, he falls down. I fell down when viewing your profile. Your sarcastic humor is great and similar to mine. Maybe one day we can have a competition to see who can out-smartass the other. Don’t worry, you won’t have to worry about winning. I suppose this is where I stop trying to be funny and ask you to join me on Instant Message. So, uhh…..IM chat in a bit?” Review: Getting The Edge On

You really have to be careful how you answer questions on the Personality Test. We initially made the mistake of answering them too truthfully. We’re not saying you should straight up lie, but you should always have your ideal woman in mind when answering a question. Take a look at our explanation in the next section to further understand this point.

To gain and edge on, you must answer the questions in a way that will match you with women that would be interested in you. You can’t view every profile on the site and not every woman will see your profile. So it’s crucial to consider the type of woman that would be matched with you based on your answers. Take your time when filling out the Personality Test. Don’t just whiz through it. Every answer is important. Pitfalls: What We Didn’t Like About

There is one minor drawback to the Personality Test. Yes, the majority of the women we were matched with had some things in common with us, but we believe there are probably women we would have been interested in but never got to meet because of the Personality Test. You only see profiles of women that are a match, according to the Personality Test. Everyone else on is non-existent to you, which is a little frustrating.

Don’t take this the wrong way. We’re in no way suggesting the Personality Test is a bad idea. We find it beneficial. But it’s imperfect. The matching systems on eHarmony and were more accurate, in our opinion. The Personality Test has a minor flaw, which we’d like to see them improve upon (and fully expect they will). Men (and women) are somewhat forced to answer questions in a way that will attract the type of woman they’re interested in instead of answering truthfully. So it makes you stop and think about how to answer a question instead of just giving the answer you truly believe. It’s nothing major, just something we believe can be improved. Review: Conclusion

You have a difficult decision to make when choosing an online dating site. There are quite a few really good sites to choose from. We did these reviews to make your decision a bit easier. The general rule of thumb for any successful online dater is to use at least 2 sites at a time. It greatly increases your chances of meeting people. You should be dating a few women at a time until settling into a relationship. It’s not easy to do that when you’re only using 1 dating site, even if it’s the top site. is a very good site, but we suggest you use it to supplement Match has a slightly higher rating because of the amount of quality women and better matching system. should be your 2nd or 3rd dating site.