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On September 6, 2012
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There are many reasons we didn’t rank in our Top 5 Online Dating Sites. The main reason is simple – we didn’t meet any women. This isn’t uncommon. As we’ve discovered, only a small percentage of lucky men on actually meet decent women. We knew it couldn’t have anything to do with our strategies. They worked perfectly on sites such as and Review - Do Not Join Pic
There are other reasons we weren’t so fond of The entire interface of the site is very lame and cheesy. It’s almost like was created in the early days of the Internet. Oh wait, it was. And it hasn’t seemed to change much since the beginning. Such a shame. Oh well, we didn’t spend too much money on this site and were happy when our 3-month membership concluded.

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We didn’t like – Click here for much better dating sites. Review Of Our Results On

Just as we already stated – we didn’t meet anyone. Not one single female. Zip, zero, zilch, nada. Zero dates and only a few responses to our introduction emails. Just like every other dating site, we sent out 450 total emails over a 12-week period. Only 61 women responded, or 13.6%. To give you an idea of just how pathetic that response rate is, we had a 76.4% response rate on There simply is no comparison between these dating sites. Pitfalls: What We Hated About

We could continue going on and on about how we never met anyone. So that did suck. But the truth is there were only a few women on that we actually wanted to meet. Most of the women are desperate, unattractive, divorcees with 5 kids. Not that there’s anything wrong with dating a single mother, but it would have been nice if the talent pool was a little better than what offered. Maybe throw in a few single, blonde bombshells with no children. We don’t think that’s asking too much.

Perhaps should do a better job of marketing their site towards better quality women. Of course, that means they would have to actually upgrade the quality of the site. They need a better interface, better graphics, and better site features. That would be a good start. If they do that, the decent women will likely follow. Review: Conclusion

We really don’t like bashing any dating site. After all, we’re a site dedicated to teaching men how to have success with women online. So, in a sense, we’re bashing ourselves by dissing the online dating world. But we have to tell it like it is or our site would have no credibility. We’re sorry to say but is a very mediocre dating site. And that’s going easy on them.

This site simply does not stack up to, or a few other dating sites (i.e.,,, We didn’t meet anyone and found out that only a select few men have found someone decent on So don’t make the mistake signing up for this lousy site. Choose instead. And then thank us for the suggestion later!