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On September 5, 2012
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Our #3 Favorite Site. eHarmony is very good for finding steady relationships. Might take awhile to get replies from women. People are a little more guarded on this site.

It wasn’t an easy call ranking behind and Overall, we enjoyed eHarmony, but we give preference to sites we have the most success on. We did have better than expected success on eHarmony. It just wasn’t quite as good as We chronicled the differences between and in our Blog. We’re not going to go into the differences in this review. Instead, we’re going to focus specifically on – the 3rd best online dating site for your money. Review CTA Pic uses a very extensive compatibility feature to match you with the right women. You’ve probably seen their commercials before. The eHarmony Personality Profile asks you many questions about who you are, what you’re interested in, and what you’re looking for in a partner. You must complete the Personality Profile prior to viewing profiles of women. A big part of the reason we ranked so high was because of this Personality Profile. We like the fact that we only saw profiles of women we were likely to be interested in. On most dating sites, you have to weed through profiles of everyone, including the women that would never be a good match for you.

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Our #3 Pick For The Best Online Dating

eHarmony: Review Of Our Results

Our results were outstanding, but we do need to explain something. If you’re impatient and looking to meet someone instantly, this site is not for you. If you’re willing to be patient and find that special someone that is perfect for you, eHarmony is the place to be. If you want a further explanation, make sure you read that Blog post we referenced earlier. In fact, if you choose to read just one Blog post of ours, make a point to reading the vs. comparison post. It will help you make a decision.

We reviewed the same way we reviewed every dating site. 450 emails were sent out over the course of 12 weeks (5 per day). Our goal was a 50% response rate. Anything above that was gravy. 309 women responded to our emails. You don’t have to be an Actuary to know that far exceeds 50% – 68.6%%, to be exact. Most of the women we spoke to were quite polite and great gals. In fact, the majority definitely was our type.

The main objective in our reviews is to set-up as many dates as possible. It really doesn’t matter how many responses to our emails we get. The only number that truly matters is the amount of dates set-up. However, there is a direct correlation between percentage of emails receiving a response and number of dates set-up. On, we scored a total of 15 dates, which ranked 3rd overall and only 4 dates behind (and only ONE behind

The Top First Emails That Worked

Writing a quality introduction email on any dating site is important – is no different. We found that the following 2 emails received the most positive response from women. Don’t copy and paste these emails until you read her profile first. As you will notice, these emails were written for a specific woman. Cut out the necessary parts and replace them with personalized comments based on her profile.

Email #1: “This is going to sound strange coming from a guy. I really, really LOVE to cuddle. Yeah, you’re beautiful blue eyes caught my attention, but when you said that you were looking for a big cuddler, I just knew I had to contact you. What do you say we chat sometime about cuddling? Or, better yet, let’s chat about something a little more interesting. Do you like watching paint dry?”

Email #2: “I’m going to throw you a curveball in this email. You probably opened it up expecting some sort of perverted response. I’ve talked to women on here that just don’t understand why so many guys talk about sex in a first email on Instead, here’s what I’m going to do – I’m going to tell you why I think we’d be a good match. And it’s a one-word answer – CHICAGO CUBS! Wait, that’s 2. Anyway, you’re cute and a Cubs fan, that’s good enough for me to want to get to know you and for me to want you to want to get to know me!  When are you free to chat on IM?” Review: Getting The Edge On

There are no ways to game the system on The real way to get an edge is by showing some patience. Far too many guys give up quickly on eHarmony. If they don’t meet someone within the first few days, they stop trying. We can’t stress this enough – you MUST have patience on You MIGHT meet someone right away, but it’s more likely it will take some time. It won’t take weeks or months.

Give yourself 2-3 weeks for meeting someone. If you don’t meet someone within 2-3 weeks, give it another week or so. If you don’t meet someone within that time period, re-read our online dating guide. Chances are you’re doing something wrong. If you read through it again, you’ll probably come across some mistakes you’re making. Then go back to eHarmony and correct those mistakes. Just don’t give up after a week or so. You’ll find someone, but it takes some time. Pitfalls: What We Didn’t Like About

We don’t have a ton of patience. We did love, but it would have been nice to meet someone as quickly as we did on Hopefully you’ll have a bit more patience than we did because is an outstanding place to meet women…if you’re patience. Review: Conclusion

There is so much to love about The most important quality of this site is the realistic ability to find that special someone. As we’ve said, you shouldn’t expect to meet someone right away. Patience sometimes does suck, but then again, love takes time. There’s no need to hurry into anything. There are many amazing women on We guarantee you they are worth the wait.

In the meantime, sign-up for and as well. Work all three of these sites at the same time. When you’re signed up for, and, you’ll have a nice long-term pipeline of potential future girlfriends. It’s easier to meet someone right away on In the event that things don’t go so well with your first couple of dates on, you can always come back to and chances are you’ll have other women ready to take their place.