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On September 6, 2012
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Technically, was the worst dating site we reviewed, in terms of overall results. But we’d actually rank below it simply because of how annoyed we were by everything that site had to offer. We didn’t like, but at least the experience wasn’t completely miserable. We just didn’t meet anyone. Review - Do Not Join Pic actually seems like a good place to find a platonic, cyber relationship that potentially evolves into an offline friendship. It’s just not a place to find love. If we were reviewing platonic friend websites, we might rank relatively high. Of course, we aren’t aware of any other sites of the kind, so might have no competition in that niche.

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We didn’t like – Click here for much better dating sites. Review Of Our Results On

None of the sites we reviewed yielded poorer overall results. As always, we sent out 450 email messages over a 12-week period. How many of those messages received a response? A whopping 19! You would figure that we would receive more responses than that simply because of the Law of Averages.

In reality, we received fewer responses to our emails than on But in actuality, we received responses from more women (see our review for an explanation). Even so, 19 total responses is horrible. There’s really no way to spin it in a positive manner. Pitfalls: What We Hated About

We created this site to give men advice on how to find true love online. We didn’t create it to help you make a new pen pal. If you want a pen pal, make your way over to the Craigslist “Strictly Platonic” section in your city. Women on this site seemed to want nothing more than a friendship and maybe if things evolve into a relationship, they’d be okay with it. But their mindset wasn’t to find a boyfriend.

It was actually a very confusing site. The name implies it’s more of a platonic “dating” site, but they promote it as a regular dating site. Then when we signed up, we learned that it really is a platonic site with a few people seeking a long-term relationship. That just doesn’t make any sense. Why anyone would spend money to sign-up for a site when all they want is a new friend is beyond us. Might as well use Craigslist for that. Review: Conclusion

Ask yourself this – do you want to find someone to email back and forth for the next 6 months? Or do you want to find the love of your life? If you want a friend and nothing more, might be for you, although we don’t know why you’d want to spend the money for that. If you want to find true love, go to You won’t regret it. We sure as heck didn’t. There will be TONS of quality singles in your area looking for someone just like you. That’s the thing with There truly is someone on that site for EVERYONE.