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On September 6, 2012
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We recommend you do not join

We didn’t rank in the Top 5 for one main reason – we were unable to set-up any dates. And we’re quite confident only a small percentage of men are able to on this site. Had we set-up dates with the women we chatted with on, most of them would have been with women we weren’t interested. Actually, they’re women almost no guy would be interested in. Review - Do Not Join Pic

Even if we were able to score some dates on, we still wouldn’t rank it in the Top 5. We’ll go into more detail about the women on this site later in the review, but let’s just say we were rather unimpressed with the quality of women we found. The other reasons we didn’t rank it in the Top 5 included an inability to receive a high response rate to our initial emails, poor website design, cheesy site features, and obviously fake profiles.

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We didn’t like – Click here for much better dating sites. Review Of Our Results On

There’s nothing positive to report here. We met no one, we set-up dates with no one, and we barely received any responses to our initial emails. 450 emails were sent out (mostly to the same women, by the way) and only 52 were responded to. Very disappointing. Pitfalls: What We Hated About

Quite frankly, we hated just about everything with For a site that claims to be a “match maker”, they sure do make it difficult to find a good match. Maybe they should change their name to Yeah, yeah…cheesy joke alert!

As far as what we really hated about, the women were the worst. We really struggled to find decent women worth chatting with. The women we did chat with had serious issues. One girl seemed decent until she let us know she is a patient at a Methadone Clinic. NEXT! There were many profiles on this site we just knew were fake. The women looked like porn stars with no flaws. We also had a problem with the entire interface of this website. The site could use an upgrade because it often runs very slow. They don’t seem very interested in keeping it up to par with the top dating sites. Review: Conclusion

Customer service is not a strong point of They clearly do not care about their paying customers. They don’t work to improve the site, they don’t respond to our questions, and they have created a dating site that is a total rip-off. We wasted far too much money on and completely regret it.

Don’t make the same mistake we made. You’ve read our review on We don’t have to say anything further about why this site isn’t worth the money. Save your money for a REAL online dating site such as You’ll have a better chance of meeting the right woman for you. There’s no one worth dating on There are plenty of women worth dating on