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On September 6, 2012
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Not only did miss our Top 5, it was the worst dating site we’ve ever experienced. And that says a lot. The 12 weeks we wasted on could have been better spent doing basically anything. We could have curled ourselves up into a ball in our parents’ basements for 12 weeks and had a better chance of meeting women. Better yet, we could have gone out to a gay bar each night of the week for 12 weeks and had a better chance of scoring a date…with a female. Review - Do Not Join Pic Review Of Our Results On

The good news is we received 28 responses to our introductory emails. The bad news is we had to send out 450 emails in order to get 28 responses. The REALLY bad news is, of those 28 messages, more than half were from the same woman. Seriously. We made a point to send out 5 emails per day to women in our area. Except, we couldn’t send messages out to women that hadn’t logged onto the site within the previous week.

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We didn’t like – Click here for much better dating sites.

It’s just not possible to find enough women in one city that are regularly active on So many sign-up and then just disappear. Our solution? We kept contacting the same women over and over again. We sent probably 30-40 emails to at least 5 different women. And the funny thing is one of the gals responded to us 15 times. Yes, that’s right. She actually responded to our messages not once, not twice, not three times…fifteen times! If we had enough space, we would post the messages so you could get a laugh. And trust us, they definitely were comical. She claimed to be looking for something completely different from email to email. Weird. Honesty is not a strength of women. Pitfalls: What We Hated About

The main thing we hated about was our inability to find decent women that were active on the site. There’s really no point in contacting a woman that hasn’t logged on in the previous week. She’s either already found someone or has no interest in finding someone on that site. You’re left with the scraps after that. The quality of women that we found that were active on the site was so low we would have been better off finding random drunk chicks in a bar.

The interface on this site was a total disaster. It’s very unappealing from an aesthetic standpoint. Sure, any idiot could navigate through the site, but that’s about the only positive. has been around for many years and they will continue ripping people off. Review: Conclusion

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but on, those fish are un-catchable. Think you can’t reel in one of the fish? It’s not going to happen, so don’t even bother. is a complete scam and waste of time and money. Save your money for – a site you’ll actually have a good chance of meeting someone (especially if you follow our online dating guide advice). is a big-boy site. is for the chumps.