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On September 6, 2012
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We recommend you do not join

Sparks will NOT fly on We may have just created their new slogan. Hey, at least it’s accurate. ranked a not-so-impressive 14th on our list of dating sites – out of 15. It was easy to rank this site so low. We like to think of dating sites as cars. is a Ferrari. is a Bentley. is a Gremlin. Actually, no that’s a poor analogy. Although Gremlin’s are known as horrible cars, at least they’re good (if in running condition) for getting you places. isn’t good for anything. Review - Do Not Join Pic

Not only did the site prevent us from meeting anyone, the whole experience – for lack of a better word – sucked. We were completely unfamiliar with before reading an online review. The review we read was somewhat positive so we figured we should give it a shot. After spending 12 weeks on, we question the sanity and intelligence of the people that gave this site a positive review. There’s nothing positive about The women are mediocre – at best – and the male to female ratio is way too high.

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We didn’t like – Click here for much better dating sites. Review Of Our Results On

From purely a numbers standpoint, ranked 14th out of 15. We received a mere 20 responses to our 450 emails sent to women on We received just 1 fewer response to our emails on And much like – and quite a few other sites – we were unable to set-up any dates. Pitfalls: What We Hated About

We quickly became quite agitated with We sent out email after email and hardly received any responses. After a while, we just started emailing every woman we saw – even the 300-pound women and obviously fake profiles. That didn’t help. Still no responses. We sent an email to customer support, questioning why we had no success. They responded by informing us that it’s “up to the individual member to get their own dates”.

There are two reasons that response irritated us. First off, a quality dating site should bear some responsibility if their members are failing to meet someone. They should offer certain services to PAYING customers that will help them attract and meet people. That’s very arrogant of them and disappointing that they would fail to accept some sort of responsibility.

The other reason that comment angered us was because we KNOW we were doing nothing wrong. We’ve used these same strategies on many other sites and had far greater success. It’s funny how the same tactics we used on worked marvelously on To think our lack of understanding how to attract and meet women online was the reason we didn’t set-up any dates is just silly. We used many of the same emails on as we did on and received barely 1/20th the response rate. We felt highly insulted by this ignorant response. Review: Conclusion

Okay, we’re done bashing We need not say more. Instead, we’ll promote a dating site that we were not only able to set-up plenty of dates – we were actually treated well by their customer service department. That site, of course, is We loved it, you’ll love it, so check it out today!