SpeedDate.com Review: Why SpeedDate.com Wasn’t Ranked In the Top 5

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On September 6, 2012
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We recommend you do not join SpeedDate.com

Honestly, we could have spent 2 words (IT SUCKED!) explaining what we thought of SpeedDate.com, but we decided to write a full review on it anyway. You might think SpeedDate.com seems like a fun site. We did too. And for a while, it was kind of fun. It’s a very different type of dating site. Instead of the traditional create a regular profile, send a girl an email, hope for a response, and then chat for a while via IM if she does respond, you go on random “speed dates”.

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If you’ve ever attended a speed dating function at a bar you already understand the concept of speed dating. SpeedDate.com is the online version of that. Instead of chatting face-to-face with women for a short period of time, you’re chatting with them on IM. On SpeedDate.com, you can either choose to chat with a girl (assuming she accepts the offer) or accept offers to chat from women that contact you. This was fun for a bit, but then it got old. Plain and simple – SpeedDate.com is NOT a legitimate dating site.

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We didn’t like SpeedDate.com – Click here for much better dating sites.

SpeedDate.com: Review Of Our Results On SpeedDate.com

On each site, we sent out 450 total first emails to women over the course of 12 weeks. Since SpeedDate.com is a different type of dating site, we didn’t send out any emails. Instead, we sent “Speed Date” invites to 5 women per day. Only a small percentage actually accepted our offer (we’ll explain the reason for this in the next section). We didn’t meet any women. Not one single date. Not even a cup of coffee or drinks with any women. And to be quite honest, that’s just fine. There weren’t many women worth meeting.

SpeedDate.com Pitfalls: What We Hated About SpeedDate.com

SpeedDate.com was fun…until it wasn’t. The entire Speed Dating concept is kind of cool, it’s just not meant for the Internet. There were too many people just “playing around” online. We weren’t sure sometimes if we were chatting with a single woman or a teenage boy just having some fun.

The maturity level of people on SpeedDate.com is very low. We sent out tons of requests but only received and agreement to chat with a small percentage of them. There are many fake accounts on this site. Anyone could figure that out. Yes, there were some real women but the general mindset of someone on SpeedDate.com is to find a booty call – not a long-term relationship.

SpeedDate.com Review: Conclusion

It’s very hard to get to know someone well enough to decide if you want to go out on a date with them. The only positive to our experience on SpeedDate.com was we didn’t pay a penny for a membership. It probably decreased our chances of meeting someone, but we didn’t find any reason to sign-up. You get to chat with women for a short period of time for free.

If you want to pay for the site, you can chat for longer, but there are loopholes around that. For example, if we found someone we were interested in, we quickly invited them to chat with us on Yahoo! Messenger. Unfortunately, there just weren’t many worth even inviting to chat with IM. This site is definitely no Match.com, which we strongly recommend.