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On September 6, 2012
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The only thing true about is the site is a scam. And that’s putting it lightly. We refused to put in our Top 5 because, well…it didn’t deserve to be. The qualities we look for in a dating site are high-quality site features, attractive members that are regularly active on the site, 100% real profiles, and a gender ratio close to even. Review - Do Not Join Pic

Of the qualities we look for in a dating site, offers exactly NONE of them. didn’t just miss our Top 5 – they ranked ahead of just 2 even lousier dating sites. Props to them for at least not sucking as bad as and That’s the only compliment we can give Everything else we have to say about this dating site is negative.

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We didn’t like – Click here for much better dating sites. Review Of Our Results On

As you may know, our dating site review process is the same on EVERY site. Over the course of 12 weeks, we send out 5 initial emails to women per day. That comes out to a total of 450 emails sent. On some of the sites (i.e.,,, etc.), we were able to send messages to a different woman each time. On a site such as, that wasn’t possible.

We were forced to send multiple emails to the same women on The reason? There were only so many women that had logged into the site within the previous week. We refused to email women that hadn’t logged in for more than 7 days because there really is no point to it. Our goal was to get as high of a response rate as possible. On, we were unable to get a high response rate. Only 20 of the 450 emails were responded to. In case you’re curious to know how that compares to our top site – – 344 women responded back to us. So, more than 14 time the response rate. As you may have guessed, this lack of responses led to a whopping ZERO dates being set-up. How lame is that? Pitfalls: What We Hated About

We really would love to tell you about the things we enjoyed about, but there were none. We’re tired of even speaking about, so we’ll just list in small detail the main things we hated about this crummy dating site…

Non-attractive women
No chance to actually meet a decent woman
Lousy site features
Too many fake profiles
Lousy customer service Review: Conclusion

Hopefully we’ve scared you away from signing up for It’s not that we had an axe to grind with before signing up. But we won’t lie – now we do. How could we not? We barely were able to communicate with any women and had no chance of meeting anyone. This site is a total scam and you should stay away from it. Instead, sign-up for – a legitimate online dating site with a high success rate.