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On September 5, 2012
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Our #2 Favorite Site. Xpress is a new entrant, and it's a GREAT dating site. The surprise of the year, as far as we're concerned.

Xpress.com is the Jaguar of online dating sites. It’s not quite a Bentley (Match.com), but it’s a pretty dang good site.The best part on this site is hat it was launched 9 months ago, so it’s NOT OVERRUN BY GUYS just yet!

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If you’ve already tried Match.com and / or eHarmony.com in the past, you might want to give Xpress.com a try.

There are only 2 minor differences between Xpress.com and Match. The first difference is the matching system. Xpress.com uses a less complex matching system than eHarmony.com or Match.com. Basically, you don’t have to jump through 75 hoops to get results back.

The other difference is there appears to be slightly fewer decent women in the major cities, and likely in smaller towns as well. That’s not to say there are plenty of great women on Xpress.com. There just aren’t as many as on Match. The women on Xpress.com we set-up dates with were great gals. And it’s the reason this site easily cracked our Top 5.

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Our #2 Pick For The Best Online Dating Site: Xpress.com

Xpress.com: Review Of Our Results

As mentioned above, we had a bit less success on Xpress.com than eHarmony.com or Match.com. Hence, the #3 ranking. But we still did have some pretty good success. No complaints. If you’ve read through any of our other dating site reviews, you know that we sent out a total of 450 emails on each site (5 per day) over a 12-week period. These were all introduction emails, attempting to get a woman’s attention and open up some dialogue.

Out of those 450 emails, we received a response from 321 different women throughout the United States. Our goal on each site was to get a 50% response rate, so we crushed that (71.3%) on Xpress.com. It was one of only 5 dating sites we even came close to – let alone exceeded – a 50% response rate. Needless to say, we highly recommend Xpress.com. As far as the amount of women we set-up dates with, that was also an impressive number. We set-up dates with 15 great ladies.

The Top Xpress.com First Emails That Worked

On each dating site, we used some of the same emails to catch a woman’s attention. However, on the Top 5 sites, we learned to create emails geared towards members of that specific site. On Xpress.com, these 2 emails saw the best results. If you choose to use them, make sure you edit out certain parts to match the specific interests/qualities of the woman you’re contacting.

Email #1: “Before I tell you a little bit about myself, I know what you’re going to say! “I bet he says that to ALL the girls”. And you would be wrong! After I signed up for Xpress.com, I’ll be honest with you – I was a little disappointed in the women I came across. Then I found your profile. And now I think I found a match. You like hockey (1 point), you’re a road trip junkie (1 point), and you have a sense of humor (195 points!). Must…chat…with…you….SOON! When are you free to converse via Instant Messenger? Tonight? It’s a plan!”

Email #2: “I recently went on a date with a girl I met on here. She refused to go on a second date. Why? Because she claimed I was too good for her. That’s high praise for me. I must be pretty awesome, right? So how could you NOT want to go on a date with someone as awesome as me? Okay, I’m totally full of myself! But you seem like the type that’s sarcastic just from reading your profile. So I figured you would pick up on mine. Anyhoo….you + me….Yahoo! IM chat? I’ll be free this evening if you’re available! ”

Xpress.com Review: Getting The Edge On Xpress.com

You want an edge on Xpress.com? Update your profile frequently. 3-4 times per week, change up the content slightly. Don’t make wholesale changes. Just cut out a sentence here or there and write a new one here or there. Create your profile when you sign-up and keep the basic jist of the profile for good.

The purpose of this activity is to ensure your profile remains at the top of search results. We’ve found that Xpress.com rewards members that are active on the site. They consider updating your profile regularly as part of being active. You won’t find this information anywhere on their website. This was a discovery we made. Another helpful piece of advice is to also upload 1 or 2 new photos per week and log into your Xpress.com at least once per day. This regular activity will increase your chances of being contacted by women.

Xpress.com Pitfalls: What We Didn’t Like About Xpress.com

No online dating site is perfect. We’ve given you many reasons to sign-up for Xpress.com, so it’s only fair to give them a bit of critique. Although we’re really nitpicking here, the thing we didn’t like about Xpress.com was that it wasn’t Match.com, basically. Match.com has by far the biggest dating pool, but Xpress seems to hold up well given it’s a fairly new site.

Match.com uses a more complex system for matching singles together. That’s not to say it’s a pain in the butt to find a good match on Xpress.com. We found plenty of perfect matches. But there were a few less duds in the group on Match.com. A small percentage of the women we chatted with had very little in common with us on Xpress.com. On Match.com, this number was even lower. Almost every woman you chat with on Match.com will – at the very least – share many common interests with you.

Xpress.com Review: Conclusion

When the only negative comments we can make about Xpress.com is that it’s not Match.com, you know this is a good dating site. Out of all the sites we reviewed, we are comfortable with ranking it 2nd. That’s very high praise. Xpress.com is definitely a site worth checking out. It’s worth the money because you’ll have an enjoyable time and a good chance of finding love.

With that said, we always recommend using 2-3 dating sites at a time to maximize your chances of meeting someone. Guys that work 2-3 dating sites always have plenty of women in their pipeline. There’s never a worry about not having a “replacement” date in the event one date goes bad. So feel free to test out Xpress.com, but make sure you’re also a member of Match.com and possibly even eHarmony.com.