Before I get started, I want you to get it through your head that you are not signing up for hookup sites. You are going after women that are looking for a long-term relationship, not a friends with benefits situation. Don’t get me wrong – many of these women actually will put out on a first date (statistics and research prove that). But you shouldn’t expect sex right away. And because of that, please refrain from posting sexually revealing photos.

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It really amazes me how many men try to show off as much skin as possible or – even worse – post pictures of their junk. Yes, women do enjoy seeing men in little clothing. They are just as visual as you. However, they don’t care to see it in your profile pictures. Think about what you would think of a woman if she was in a skimpy bikini in her profile picture. You’re probably going to think she’s a total slut. Would you want to have a long-term relationship with a slutty woman? Women see men that try to show off too much as “players”. If she’s looking to settle down, why would she want to date a player?

Before posting your online dating profile picture, think of the image you’re trying to portray yourself as. This will help you determine what type of a photo to upload. For example, if you’re more of an edgy kind of guy (“bad boy), women will be confused if you post a preppy photo. Conversely, if you’re going for the nice guy routine, don’t upload pictures showing off tattoos while wearing a muscle shirt. That’s not the nice guy style.

Women decide to read your profile ONLY after your pictures make them happy!

I hate cheesy clichés, but a profile picture really is worth 1,000 words. You can write 1,000 words of content in your profile about who you are and what you like to do, but one simple online dating profile picture will tell her just as much. Don’t take that the wrong way. That doesn’t mean because you weren’t lucky to be born incredibly handsome that women won’t want to date you. She’s looking more at your style, how clean cut you are, if you smiled, and how you present yourself. Those have NOTHING to do with natural looks. So what assumptions will she make when looking at your photos?

  • If you’re wearing a dressy shirt, are clean shaven, and have a nice big smile, she’ll assume you’re a friendly guy.
  • If you’re wearing a muscle shirt and have a bunch of tattoos, she’ll assume you’re cocky guy.
  • If you only have one photo, which happens to be only a face shot with a ball cap on, she’ll assume you’re hiding something.
  • If you have multiple photos (fully clothed), showing off different angles of your face and body, she’ll assume you’re confident and have nothing to hide.
  • If you don’t have a profile photo, it doesn’t matter what she’s thinking – she’ll never contact you!

The 5 Most Important Online Dating Profile Picture Tips

  1. One picture is NOT enough. Women are put off by men that only post 1 picture. Anyone can look good in just one picture, given the right angle and lighting. They want to see at least a few pictures of you.
  2. Be yourself. I know how annoying it is for someone to tell you to just “be yourself” when you’re struggling to meet women. But you absolutely must display your true personality in your picture. If you don’t, she’ll eventually find out that’s not who you really are once you meet.
  3. Get the opinion of other women. If you don’t have any female friends that can give you some feedback on your pictures, post them on an Internet forum. Ask women for their honest opinion before posting the pictures.
  4. Don’t be sexually revealing. Just because women love a man with a hot body doesn’t mean she wants you to bare it in your profile pictures. Put on a shirt and shorts/pants in all of your pictures.
  5. Don’t forget to smile. Look directly into the camera and smile. A man with a nice big smile can help overcome certain physical flaws. If you’re not the best looking guy, a big smile will take her attention away from your other flaws and on to your smile.
  6. One pic with a dog – make it a CUTE dog for sure.
  7. SECRET TIP – if you can hack it, upload a pic of you with a pack full of poor kids. I am sure you can find a pic of a missionary guy in Africa and photoshop your face in there.. this. Is. LETHAL.

Types of Pictures that Worked Best for Us

There are virtually thousands of different types of pictures you can upload. We included 3-4 pictures on all of our profiles on each site. The pictures were not taken from a distance, nor did we try to hide anything. Pictures displaying confidence, regardless of your natural looks, are attractive to women. Don’t EVER forget that. We also noticed that women were very receptive to pictures taken in certain locations, doing positive and fun activities.

For example, the best pics for online datingprofiles were taken while performing some charitable act. This showed women that we were generous and cared for others. Another good photo to use is one that shows you running. The reason this works is because women like men that exercise and it shows off your body in a non-sexually suggestive manner. One final type of picture that worked out great for us was a picture taken in a foreign country or traveling through mountains. It shows you have an adventurous side.