Important Advice: Follow Our Guide OR BE A SUCKER To Scam Dating Sites

It’s unfortunate, but the Internet is an easy place to scam people. The online dating industry is no exception. However, there is good news – you can avoid the online dating scams completely by signing up for the right dating sites (please see our reviews section). Internet dating scams are EASY to spot…if you know what to look for. There are many obvious signs of a scam. In this article, we’re going to look at how to spot a scam and what types of online dating scams we’ve encountered.

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If you type “online dating site” into the Google search box, you’ll get approximately 45 million results. 99% of them are scams with fake member databases. Few are actually good dating sites. Most of them talk a big game and use slick marketing tactics to entice you to sign-up. Don’t fall for their creative wording and shiny web design if you notice these obvious signs…

Internet Dating Scams Sign #1: It’s a small, local dating site

Local dating sites are nice in a sense that the real members are all local. Here’s the problem – most of the members AREN’T real. The majority of the profiles are fake. There’s really no point to sign-up for a local site. Sure, you want to find someone locally. You will find PLENTY of local women on, for example. Local dating sites are among the biggest scams online. They’re usually cheaper, but far less effective.

I always try to look for specific mentions of local points of interest, bars, and activities in her profile. Or, at the very least, some sort of mention to my city. I’ve found that profiles that are vague in their interests and don’t mention anything related to the city they live in are most likely fake. I wouldn’t even bother contacting a woman that won’t even take the time to fill out a complete profile. Either she’s fake or she’s not serious about meeting someone. Either way, she’s not worth your time.

Internet Dating Scams Sign #3: She sounds way too good to be true!

Don’t get me wrong – there are tons of attractive women that are real online. But if you find a scantily clad Megan Fox with a profile saying how she’s lonely and yearning for a real man, something is a bit off.

Internet dating has become a hot spot for finding love. But when you see someone that has a picture that looks straight out of a modeling catalog or porn shoot, it’s probably not a real person. Scam dating sites populate their member base with absolutely gorgeous women to sucker men into signing up. Do NOT fall for this trick. If your instincts tell you she looks too good to be true, she probably is.

We’ve spoken to a number of our readers that disagreed with our dating site reviews. Some have mentioned they tried out a couple of our recommended sites and had no luck. Perhaps you’ve tested out, eHarmony, or the other sites we speak highly of and didn’t meet anyone on those sites. Maybe you feel those sites are scams. We can 100% assure you they are not. So here’s what I want you to do if you’ve failed on one of the 5 dating sites we recommend – read through the rest of this online dating guide. Learn the concepts taught in it. Read through it 5 times if you have to until you’ve memorized every strategy taught. And then give 1 or 2 of those sites another shot. We’re confident your experience on those sites will be different this time around.