Applying Advertising Principles to Online Dating – Marketing Yourself 101

When you go to the grocery store, other than price, how do you decide which item to buy? If you’re like me, I select the one that stands out the most, usually because the packaging is more appealing. For example, I’m a big BBQ sauce fan. When I go to the store, I notice about a dozen different types of BBQ sauces. Most of them kind of look the same, so chances are I’m going to select the one that’s a bit different and stands out. To women, online dating sites are a bit like grocery stores. The men are the food items. YOU. HAVE. TO. STAND. OUT.

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Women have tons of men to choose from. 99% of them are the same. Sure, they might look different, come from different backgrounds, and have different hobbies. But their act is very similar to each other. After a while, the hot guys start looking like the ugly guys to women and the outgoing guys start seeming like the socially awkward guys. If you’re just like all the other guys, why would she select you over them?

How 99% Of Men Approach Online Dating – A.K.A. HOW TO #FAIL!!!!

As mentioned above, 99% of men use the same FAILED strategies for meeting women online. They use the same basic system that they think will work, but really won’t. They create a boring profile, send a boring email to a woman that’s cute (which is 1 of 200 she received that day), she then checks your profile to find out it’s boring, and then moves on to another guy, hoping he’ll be different.

Most guys continue to stick with this strategy. They never stop and think “wow, my profile is really boring, why would anyone want to go out with me?” Or they’ll send out the same boring emails that women receive by many guys everyday. They never get any responses from women, but they continue doing what they’re doing.

Plain and simple – different is good. If you’re different, you will stand out. Of course, if you’re different in a bad way, you’ll stand out and women will just laugh at you. If you’re different in a good way, women will be all over you. So this begs the question – how can you be different (in a good way) online?

  • Create a profile that is humorous and interesting without coming off as a total goofball. Humor is good, but childish humor is not attractive. Most profiles are boring. Entertain her by creatively cracking a few jokes about your ideal woman, interests, and past. Make sure you read our profile creation advice article for specific examples.
  • Send her a personalized message that is catchy. Women have dozens of men contacting them everyday. Most of the messages are never responded to. Send one that is personalized (mention something from her profile) and catchy. Don’t forget to check out our introduction email article for specific examples.
  • Upload better photos. Some guys just cannot refrain from posting sexually revealing photos. These don’t impress women on dating sites. These aren’t booty call sites. Post a photo that resembles one you would have used in your High School Yearbook.

Everything you do online should be different than the way other men approach it. It seems that guys like to copy each other. This is a bad idea. What most of these guys don’t realize is most of the men online fail to attract women. Be different, but be yourself. This will help you stand out and impress women.