FOR MEN: The method to having at least 2 or 3 new GIRLS a week (A.K.A.: The Never-Ending Chick Pipeline Method)

How many guys end up in a long-term relationship with the first woman they go out on a date with? Very few. Online dating is a tricky game. Women have to deal with tons of different men – especially the attractive ones. You can rest assured you’re not the only guy talking to her. Even if you are having a great conversation with a woman and she acts interested in you, chances are you’re not the only one she’s showing interest in.

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Women have tough decisions to make online. Some are contacted by a dozen guys…everyday. Narrowing it down to a couple of guys to go out on a date with isn’t easy. You need to understand that you should NEVER get your hopes up with ANY woman you chat with online. In fact, you shouldn’t ever get your hopes up with any woman you go on a couple of dates with. Let’s take a look at the potential reasons a woman that currently shows interest in your may end up never wanting to pursue a relationship with you…

  • She’s a flake – I hate to say this but some women are total flakes. They act interested for a while and then just disappear.
  • She’s seeing someone else she’s MORE interested in – She might like you but if you likes someone else more, chances are she’s going to choose him over you.
  • She’s afraid to meet someone from the Internet – Some women decide to sign-up for a dating site and once it comes time to actually meet someone, they get scared and can’t go through with it.
  • You screw things up – No one is perfect. I’ve screwed things up with a woman I really liked. It happens. You may have accidentally offended her or just didn’t impress her on your date.

The best online dating tactic anyone could ever give you is to use multiple dating sites at once. I just showed you all of the reasons why you should never expect to find true love right away. By using this top online dating strategy, you’re increasing the amount of women in your pipeline. I recommend AT LEAST 2 dating sites at a time. If you stick with 2, choose and eHarmony. If you want to really expand your pipeline, select a 3rd between,, and

There are many reasons for using multiple sites. The main reason is you need to build a large pipeline of quality women. Yes, there are plenty of women on sites such as However, you can’t realistically expect to find someone in a short period of time using just one site. If you are using multiple sites, you’ll be casting a wider net. Perhaps you’ve heard that online dating is a numbers game. That’s true. Of course, you still need to learn the strategies we teach in this guide, along with playing the numbers game. They’re both equally important.

Let’s say you sign-up for just 1 site. You chat with a few women and set-up a couple of dates. After a couple of weeks, you’ve gone on 2 dates and chatted with a dozen women online. What happens if those dates don’t go well? What if she never ends up speaking to you again because of one of the reasons listed above? Now you’re back to the drawing board. Back to your dating site to search for more women. But what if you were working multiple sites at a time and once those dates didn’t go so well, you have a pipeline of women available? Now you don’t have to go through the process of searching for and chatting with women again. You can just set-up some new dates. Using multiple dating sites at a time is the best online dating tactic anyone could ever give you.